Project Description

“Part of Rwanda‛s vision is to also continue to be a conservation leader, ensuring that the biodiversity within national parks such as volcanoes national park which is home to the critically endangered mountain gorilla, continues to persist as viable populations for the benefit of future generations of Rwanda and the world.” • Following Rwanda’s development vision for the year 2020, it hopes to become a leading wildlife and eco-tourism destination and a regional conference hub, with high quality, diversified tourism products that make a growing contribution to the overall socio-economic development of the country. • It is within this context that the Rwanda Development Board (BRD), on behalf of the government of Rwanda, wishes to redevelop Volcanoes National Park visitor reception, operations center and Kwita izina celebration sites at Kinigi in Musanze District as one of the priority conservation and tourism diversification projects that will help achieve tourism, conservation and sustainable community development goals. Project Vision • Green Leisure Park is meant to be a tourism, sustainability and conservation driven project. • It is meant to respond to the annual increase of the ever booming tourism sector in Rwanda. • To utilise as much as possible available national and local expertise and materials Project’s Objectives The following are the project’s objectives: – Strengthening the integration of design techniques for the conservation and sustainable building and landscaping design. – Increasing collaboration among the tourism sector with other departments. –Improving public awareness of the scope and significance of wildlife and landscape conservation. – Harmonizing national/ local level development visions and reconciling planning policies with local community income aspirations. – To construct state of the art leisure park in Musanze. – To promote the use of local materials. – To have a green rated project

The concept of landscapes runs through and over buildings via covered green ways, open atriums, public green plazas, and accessible green roof terraces.

Our design approach to site is to put people and their experience at the heart of the process. Our wish is to create a place that is easy for people to find their way around and stimulating to be in. This forms a common reference point for the shaping of other clusters throughout the master plan.


Project location: Musanze, Rwanda

Project Size:

Joint ventures:

Number of Floor: Basement, G+1