Project Description

The site for the proposed Kigali Public Library is located in Kigali, Rwanda opposite the American Embassy as you are heading to the Rwanda National Police Kacyiru. It is strategically located on the city outskirt characterized residential houses overlooking down the site. The aim was to create continuity between the building and the surrounding amazing landscape through forms and the choice of colors. The new Library is mainly comprised externally an open planted esplanade parking lots & seating areas, and internally office spaces, conferences & meeting rooms, Senate Room, restaurants, café etc. The roof dome covering the Senate Room is a reinterpretation of the surrounding sky line. To accommodate big international summits, and to avoid having official guests to commute between the Library and restaurant, In addition to hosting big meetings, this new development has helped create a snowball effect into the surrounding areas as a driving force for future sustainable developments.

To minimize the long-term running cost of the buildings, the concept of sustainability was carried out throughout the whole complex taking into consideration the use of natural daylight and ventilation.